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PackSys Global AG – Laminate Tubes and Collapsible Aluminum Tubes Equipment

PackSys Global manufactures complete lines for producing laminate and extruded tubes, plastic beverage caps, aluminum tubes, monobloc aerosol cans and decorating aluminum screw caps.

Laminate tubes equipment manufacturer

PackSy GlobalOver 30 years laminate tube making experience has built up PackSys Global's reputation worldwide among the major players of the packaging industry. PackSys Global has contributed to the dynamism of the laminate tube market through establishing new trends, setting industry benchmarks, and offering new market applications' opportunities. Our latest developments integrate both demands for versatility and low cost per output.

In a competitive market such as oral care, we bring solutions that enable laminate tube manufacturers to increase their market share without weakening their bottom line.

PackSys Global offers fully integrated solutions. We combine recognized know-how in compression molding for tube heading, and seaming technology. The heading machines do not require pre-molded shoulders, thereby avoiding additional injection molding press costs.

Cosmetic tubes equipment manufacturer

PackSys GlobalIn recent years, laminate tubes for cosmetic applications have represented a significant breakthrough for the cosmetic industry. As major players in the cosmetic industry are increasingly changing their tubes to this technology, the term Cosmetic Laminate Tube (CLT) has been adopted. PackSys Global has been at the forefront of CLT technology for the last decade, and is seen as the inventor of this technology with the launch of its AMS side-seamer in 2004. PackSys Global is a trendsetter within the cosmetic industry and continues to be the only manufacturer able to offer a complete cosmetic tube line.

In addition to developing new machinery, PackSys Global has introduced new technologies to the industry. Following the undisputed success of inviseam® over a decade ago, 360seam™ is the latest contribution from PackSys Global, expanding the capabilities available in the cosmetic packaging industry.

In 2014, Combitool AG became a member of PackSys Global, thereby further extending the expertise and machine range in the portfolio. www.combitool.ch

Plastic cap machinery

PackSys GlobalPlastic cap manufacturing is today one of the most innovative sectors of packaging, constantly improving as beverage companies develop new products in a fast changing market environment. Growing competition faced by cap makers has raised new technical and economical challenges, which PackSys Global helps its customers to face. Production cost reduction, environmental awareness, and also dealing with the technical nature of the closure itself are today's priorities that are taken into account when designing any of our machines.

Many of the major plastic cap manufacturers around the globe trust PackSys Global machines, recognizing the suitability of our slitters, assembling machines and lining machines to the market demand. Our strong R&D resources have led to new machine developments year after year, offering more productivity, flexibility, and versatility.

Metal cap decoration equipment

bar manPackSys Global has been manufacturing machines for aluminum cap production for over 40 years. This experience is combined with the know-how from our knowledge in the aluminum aerosol can and tube industry, where side decoration quality gives the customer a key advantage in today's market.

PackSys Global's side decoration lines use 6-color off-set printing with a production speed up to 370 extra long caps per minute, setting the standard in the industry today.

Collapsible aluminum tube lines

tube linesThe collapsible aluminum tube industry is branching out, no longer is it purely a matter of providing a vessel to protect the product contents. The need to compete with other tube formats is compelling the industry to look towards printing increasingly more complex design on tubes. With its state-of-the-art offset printing machine, equipped with up to 9 color printing, PackSys Global is well-positioned with its printing solution, which is already the industry benchmark.

PackSys Global is continuously striving to improve its technology for optimum energy saving results at the same time as achieving higher output and efficiency. This benefits the environment and provides higher profitability to customers.

Aluminum aerosol can lines

hair sprayThe increasing demand for high productivity puts a lot of pressure on changeover time for size and print aspects. PackSys Global has unique solutions addressing this, which enables the can producer to optimize his productivity.

Similarly, lighter weight cans are the talk of the industry due to its raw material saving potential and the rising energy costs globally. To meet this trend, we are able to efficiently integrate our equipment for DWI production process and our futuristic oven design optimizes energy consumption. All this provides attractive cost savings for customers.

Looking to the ingredients in the can-making process, powder coating is one of the technologies for the future, as solvents can be hazardous for the operators on the production shop floor. Once again, PackSys Global can integrate this technology within its production process.

Hot stamping machines

PackSys GlobalMadag Printing Systems, a member of PackSys Global, is the leading manufacturer for automatic hot stamping machines for the packaging, cosmetic, machine and automotive industry. www.madag-printingsystems.ch

Tube, can and cartridge packing machines

PackSys globalTexa AG, a member of PackSys Global, is a Swiss company specialized in the development and construction of packing machines. It is the leading packing partner across the globe for packing tubes, cans, and cartridges. www.texa.ch

Contact details
PackSys Global AG

Joweid Zentrum 1
8630 Rüti
Tel: +41 (0)55 253 3700
Fax: +41 (0)55 253 3799
Email: info@packsysglobal.com
Website: www.packsysglobal.com
24/7 customer service hotline: +41 (0)55 253 3838