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Packaging Business Review
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Payne - Packaging Resolved

Payne is a global provider of packaging products that deliver the benefits of easy opening or resealability together with creative design & print to provide branding communication and protection.

Our Packaging Resolved positioning emphasises the four core themes of Opening, Closing, Informing and Protecting - where our tapes, labels, closures and seals can combine to provide all or simply one of these benefits.

Easy-to-open pack works like a Welcome mat

From helping ensure consumers do not get frustrated in opening packs through to providing the reassurance that products are fresh and have not been tampered with, our products can be an integral part of the product and brand pack experience.

A hard-to-open pack has the same effect on potential customers as a closed sign on a shop door: it stops them buying your product. But an easy-to-open pack works like a Welcome mat: it shows you care about your customers, and want them to enjoy your product.

Nothing beats the convenience of successful packaging, the sensory pleasure of opening a pack, and the release of the contents' fresh aroma

What will your customers remember about your packaging, product and - ultimately - your brand?

There's nothing good value about a large "value" pack if the contents lose their freshness and are thrown away before they're finished.

Resealability keeps consumers coming back to your pack, and to your product too.Sixty-nine percent of consumers said freshness was a key benefit of packaging in their choice of grocery. At the same time, convenience and health-and-wellness trends mean they want single-serving options and portion control.

Resealable pack solutions help meet these needs keeping your product fresh and avoiding food waste. And because your product is kept in the pack, your branding is kept front-of-mind.

Cost-effectively control the conversation and communicate your messages

Your packaging is a conversation with your consumers. Whether it's simply saying "buy me", delivering a promotion, communicating essential information, or giving on-shelf impact at point-of-sale and beyond, packaging can speak as loudly as words. Work with our design studio and we can develop numerous innovations - such as changing the tape, not the pack for maximum impact; or doubling available space using multi-page labels, without compromising your design

Sophisticated authentication technologies

Counterfeit products such as pharmaceuticals can lead to catastrophic - even fatal - results. So packaging must work hard to protect the product it contains, the brand owner and the consumer. From clearly demonstrating tamper evidence to building in sophisticated authentication technologies we can help you to reassure your consumer.

Brand protection should be the norm for every product, not the exception

Our packaging offers protection which can be overt, covert, forensic - or any combination. It can protect against tampering, refilling, counterfeiting and diversion. And best of all, there may be little or no extra cost involved. With a supply chain that's secure at every stage, we protect your product and your brand from pack design to production. With our products you can have brand protection built-in


NG16 2GT
Tel: +44 115 975 9232
Email: nottingham@payne-worldwide.com
URL: www.payne-worldwide.com